Abba – Waterloo (Numbered 40th Anniversary 7-inch 45rpm Vinyl Picture Disc Review)
never stop buying these anniversary editions for my record collection. Abba acknowledged their 40th to be interesting. While I speak no other language than English, I still enjoy Abba’s music when during their illustrious career. Yes, as a life-long Abba fan, I purchased all the 40th Anniversary Abba – Waterloo (Numbered 40th Anniversary 7-inch 45rpm Vinyl Picture Disc Review) Abba releases. I just couldn’t help myself, they are Abbatastic! One of the releases, also released as part of Record Store Day 2014, was Abba’s Waterloo 7-inch 45rpm Vinyl Picture Disc. I have number 4018 of
Abba – Arrival
Abba – Arrival Abba themselves were happy with. Forget remastering, give me the original master and I will be happy collector to know which version is best to own. Now I acknowledge that Abba has a unique sound that is not the best pressing. Over the years, Abba has been plagued with criticism from audiophiles Abba’s 1976 album, Arrival, was my introduction to the band and it became one of my first musical . Even the individual quality of songs on Abba’s albums can vary. Therefore, it is difficult as a Abba
Deep Purple – Made In Japan (Thoughts On The Many Editions)
relevant corrections. Although, I wouldn’t hold my breath as Universal’s atrocious pressing of Abba’s Live Abba
HammerFall – (r)Evolution – [Album Review]
The Swedish are master musicians, but this is no ABBA. Nevertheless, this ABBA-loving metal head Abba
Agnetha Fältskog – My Colouring Book (CD Review)
and success she had with Abba, but that is also a good thing as I dare say that her vocal I hear her sing, like she does on this song, I know her talent was wasted with Abba. The End Of The you’re a fan of Abba, you’ll love it. If you’re a fan of easy listening or jazz music you will thoroughly Abba capabilities were often wasted in Abba. Personally, I place Agnetha in the same category of vocal performer classical elements before proceeding into a pop rendition of the song that is Abba-esque, due to the
Meat Loaf – Bat Out Of Hell (Album Review)
ABBA collection. Some releases are excellent, most are substandard, usually due to varied masters and I dislike it, but this song could have easily come from Abba's catalogue, especially with the Abba
Oxygene – Jean-Michel Jarre (Album Review)
ABBA unaware of the music. Looking back at 1976 we see the height of the ABBA hits sharing the limelight
The Rolling Stones – Aftermath (UK Version/Remastered) [TIDAL Hi-Fi Review]
individuals. That said, I’m extremely pleased that my children listen to more than just Abba and interests would have remained closely linked to those when I was a child and adolescent. As a child, Abba Abba
ABBA’s Arrival tape leader crossed the tape head, making its now iconic bleep-bloop-bleep noise. For a third-grade teacher, but that is a story for another time. Placing The Beatles cassette in deck 1, Abba Abba’s Arrival, I felt compelled to listen to only a select song from each album. Yellow Submarine Abba
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