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John Lennon John Lennon’s Elementary School Report Cardiff John Lennon’s elementary school report card, hand written song lyrics by Bruce Springsteen and David
Elton John - Empty Sky (Album Review)
John Lennon riff! The vocal presentation is reminiscent of John Lennon's Imagine (album) recording style. Of often wonder if Elton John influenced John Lennon, or if Elton took influence from Lennon's recordings
Stevie Jackson – (I Can't Get No) Stevie Jackson [Album Review]
John Lennon . I’m thinking something from John Lennon's catalogue, but I just can't put my finger on it. Regardless
John Lennon – Imagine (HFPA Blu-Ray Review)
John Lennon Imagine and then expanding to his other works if you have yet to be drawn in by the legend that is John Lennon. From a sonic perspective, the HFPA release is my idea of perfection. However, as I mentioned John Lennon – Imagine (HFPA Blu-Ray Review) Lennon Legend: The Very Best Of John Lennon work Imagine is perfect. While I own a copy of Lennon Legend: The Very Best of John Lennon, I don’t
Big Star - #1 Record (Vinyl Review)
John Lennon
Foo Fighters - Wasting Light (Album Review)
John Lennon
Foxygen – …And Star Power (Tidal Hi-Fi Review)
it. I simply love this song! You & I is a song that makes me think of John and Julian Lennon and
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