We sit and listen while appreciating the artwork and liner notes as we relax. We listen during daily commutes. We use it as background noise, when performing mundane tasks, as a form of escapism. We make love to it and dance the first dance, to a song, that will forever be associated with a single moment in time. In fact, we do very little without music.

For many of us, music is as essential as oxygen and water. Silence is deadening by comparison and is vacant of all human connection. Music is the unseen, but heard, link that connects us with other humans; the musicians.

Music rises above social divides and can be used as a social movement to invoke discussion and change. It is powerful, yet peaceful in its directness. Music is like no other human creation. It is as unique as every living being, yet it bridges the gaps between people and culture, all whilst remaining subjective to the individual.

Music is empowering as it gives us confidence to overcome adversity and anxiety. It is through this subjectivity that we can begin to define ourselves. Not by race and nationality, but by our individualism through music.

Subjective Sounds is about you and me and our appreciation for music that determines who we have been, who we are, and who we will become. As you listen to the music that captures your soul, come across to the blog and see the music I’m listening to. I’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions for artists to check out.

Remember, as you groove to your own subjective beat, someone else is also listening to that song or album. Music doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t care for skin colour. It doesn’t care for language, religious beliefs, or social conventions. It merely exists to bring pleasure and deliver a story through song. It gives us so much, yet demands nothing in return.

Subjective Sounds wishes to introduce, perhaps reintroduce, and share the music that has become part of our collective culture. I will begin with my subjective musical tastes and I implore you to join in the conversation and share your own music passions. It doesn’t matter how or when you consume music, all that matters is that music touches your soul and encourages you to move your body unintentionally to the beat.