Last month I reviewed the Music on Vinyl (MOV) release of the 1985 Transformers Movie soundtrack and mentioned at the time that I was attempting to get hold of the 30th Anniversary, Record Store Day 2015 (RSD15), edition. Well, it has arrived and I couldn’t be happier.

The tracking of both albums are identical, but the mastering is slightly different as the MOV release is superior in fidelity when compared against this Sony/Legacy release. They were simply mastered by two different individuals and subsequently they were mastered for personal tastes. I should note that the MOV edition, that I prefer, was mastered by industry legend Bernie Grundman. That isn’t to say that the Maria Triana mastering at Battery Studios is a bad. In-fact, if I had not heard the MOV mastering, I would have have given this RSD15 release an excellent review based on sonic performance. The basic truth is when it comes to mastering, the individual mastering engineer is extremely important. If you look through the albums you like most, and even those you don’t, you will often see the same mastering engineers appear. I know I have come across this variant. 

From an artwork perspective, this edition is simply exquisite. This is certainly a record sleeve that you will need the floor or a table to view it on as it is a quad-panel release. My son was captivated as he kept opening and closing it to see the artwork because one mode presented the ‘good’ Autobots, while the other highlighted the evil ‘Decepticons’. It is simply an amazing design and layout and the etched vinyl really takes it to another level. It made for another wonderful father/son moment that will never be forgotten. This is why I choose vinyl, or any physical format in general, as it connects people in a way that can never be replicated by sharing a playlist.

I ordered my copy from Goldmine Records and I believe Ben has a few more copies of this release, so you may be in luck with securing a copy. 

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