Unless I plagiarise the artist information from TIDAL, I have absolutely no background information to share regarding the French band Air as, until recently, I didn’t even know they existed. I merely saw Talkie Walkie at my local record store and made a mental note to check it out.

The cover artwork is intriguingly bland, yet it is strangely compelling. What are these two musicians looking at? Why are there mathematical formulas in the background? Well, math was never my forte, hence it is pure gibberish to me. Although, it does make me feel more intelligent by mere association. Remember when Encyclopedia ownership was a sign that one was well-read and intelligent? Similarly, vinyl ownership also has an air (no pun intended) of superiority. The more unique a collection, the more knowledgeable one must be about music. While I don’t intend to claim any superior knowledge, I do love sharing my subjective opinions on the music that touches my soul. Hence, it is time to explore Air's Walkie Talkie album.

Venus is sonically relaxing and nothing but a pure pleasure to listen to. The composition is dynamically layered, thereby creating a beautiful soundstage that envelops the listener.

Cherry Blossom Girl continues the Easy Listening style and is simply gorgeous. It has a vocal overlapping harmony that reminds me of the style used by the Bee Gees. The soundstage is massive and audibly creates a painters palette of sonic imagery for the mind to interpret. It is exceptional!

Run shifts the musicality to a more eerie feeling with elements reminiscent of Enya's musical style. It isn't a bad song but, while I appreciate the Enya-inspired harmonics, the eeriness of the track results in mental confusion that prevents relaxation.

Universal Traveller has a gorgeous musical introduction and rhythmic beat throughout the entire song. This is a perfect song to listen to via a good set of headphones and a dedicated headphone amplifier/DAC. Your ears will thank you! However, if you don't like repetition in music, you may want to give this song a miss as the harmonious lyrical context is repeated ad nauseam.

Mike Mills is a sensational sonic wonderland!

Surfing On A Rocket is a killer track. If you only listen to one song, make it this one. It is certainly one of the best songs on the album and while the lyrical content is repetitive, it is never dull.

Another Day has me swaying, toe-tapping, and head-bopping. In this case, actions speak louder than any words I could write.

Alpha Beta Gaga has an interesting introduction that is unlike any other song on the album. While it has taken a few listens for me to truly enjoy this composition, my daughter was immediately drawn to it as she has proclaimed her love for this track in particular. The whistle element, instead of lyrical delivery, is superb and you will find yourself whistling along without a second thought. I have a feeling that is what makes it so appealing to my daughter.

Biological is a quirky song and I find the distorted bounce beat to be rather distracting. I understand the intention, I just don’t feel it works well. While Biological isn't my favourite song on the album, it doesn't feel alien to the overall theme or musicality of the album.

Alone In Kyoto is another wondrous sonic presentation that closes the album out beautifully. Without a doubt, I feel compelled to listen to the album again and explore more of Air's catalogue.

Talkie Walkie is an incredible sonic journey that just about any music lover will appreciate. I know that I do, and I continue to listen to this album on repeat. It is really that good!

For this review, I listened to the 16/44.1 kHz TIDAL Hi-Fi edition. Perfection is not a term I use lightly when it comes to mastering, but it is nothing short of sonic perfection. I would love to hear Talkie Walkie in MQA, but it isn’t currently available. Fingers crossed we won't have to wait too long for it to appear as a TIDAL Master. In the meantime, the CD-quality edition will have to suffice; that is until I track down a copy on vinyl.

Talkie Walkie is available on Vinyl, CD, the TIDAL Store (16/44.1 kHz FLAC), and iTunes. If you prefer streaming, the album can also be heard on Spotify and Apple Music.