One day in early May 2015 my second son (aka my Favorite Second Son) called me on Skype just before dinner. My husband and I were getting ready for a trip to Italy, with his siblings, so I wouldn’t be home for Mother’s Day. My son told me he wanted to show me my present and held up a piece of paper. I leaned in to my iPad screen and did a double-take, turned to my husband, who was smiling, then back to the screen. My son bought he and I tickets to see the Rolling Stones in Raleigh, NC later that summer. THE ROLLING STONES!! Whose music I’ve listened to since, well, forever! I’ve never had a bucket list of any kind, but if I did, seeing the Stones in concert would have definitely been at the top.

On July 1, 2015, I flew to Raleigh. That evening my son and I experienced a concert we will never forget. We were thrilled to be able to say, “I went to a Rolling Stones concert.” We never thought we’d be able to say it again.

But we both did. My son saw the Stones at their Washington, DC stop. For me, it was MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. This time I went with my husband and some friends.

As any Rolling Stone fan knows, their catalog is deep, varied, and rich. Limiting each show to 19 or 20 songs is a difficult task at best. But their song choices kept the crowd rocking and singing along for two hours of pure energy. 

Mick Jagger didn’t waste any time pumping up the volume with the lead-off song, “Street Fighting Man.” You’d never know Mick turned 76 years old in July or had heart valve replacement surgery in April as he danced and sang his way through the show. Keith Richards took over lead vocals for “Slipping Away,” which quite honestly, wasn’t his best performance. He made up for it with “Before They Make Me Run,” a cut from the 1978 album Some Girls and one of my favorites off that record.

The Stones don't limit themselves to one specific musical genre; their songs encompass country, rock, disco, blues. All were represented, sounding almost as good as the originals. See below for the complete playlist.

Click on the photo above to get the Apple Music playlist

Click on the photo above to get the Apple Music playlist

My favorite Rolling Stones track, and one of my favorite songs ever, is “Gimme Shelter,” which began the two song encore. “Shelter” always has a sense of excitement and danger; MetLife Stadium was no exception. Coincidentally as I write these words, “Gimme Shelter” from the Hot Rocks album is playing on my turntable. Time to crank it up!

Mick Jagger continually thanked the audience for being there that night and throughout their career. And what a career it’s been. Some people I know laughed when I said I was seeing the Stones. Why would I want to spend money and time on a concert with some washed-up old men? True, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts, and Ronnie Wood are a combined age of 301 years. But they still have it! They put on a show that left fans wanting more. While it wasn’t quite as good as my first Stones concert, it was still worth every penny. Would I see the Rolling Stones again if they tour in the future? In a heartbeat.

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