If you’re like me, you may have a love/hate relationship with Country Music. It’s an interesting contrast as I literally detest some Country Music styles and simply adore others. The rock-based style is one that I thoroughly enjoy; a style which Chris Young has mastered. A.M. is Young’s third album and is recorded, mixed, and mastered with pure perfection. The song selection, many co-written by Young, are also perfectly suited to each other, flowing seamlessly as the album progresses. 

Aw Naw is a killer country rock and roll tune. You’ll be turning the volume up and toe-tapping to a song that is likely to become a classic as a result of its addictive rhythm and catchy tune. 

The music video is a solid accompaniment to the song, but I feel the editing style is a little too slow for the musicality, thereby being less impactful as it could have been.  

Hold You To It is a little slower, but flows perfectly from Aw Naw. It’s a solid tune, works well within the album context, but is nothing to write home about. 

Lonely Eyes has incredible rhythm. Young’s vocal pace, and overall delivery, is utterly perfect. An exceptional song!

The music video is serviceable but ultimately uninspiring. 

Goodbye is stunning! Close your eyes and enjoy the musicality and Young’s smooth baritone vocal. 

A.M. is a bloody brilliant country rock and roll tune. It will likely give you an earworm, but it is so good that it is worth it. 

Nothin’ But The Cooler Left is perfectly suited to the album, but as a song, on its own, it’s a little lacklustre, predictable, and campy. Nevertheless, A.M. wouldn’t be the same without it. 

Who I Am With You has some exceptional guitar work and Young’s vocal is again, right on point. Simply beautiful!

The music video is incredible. The storytelling, mixed with live and backstage elements, is utterly perfect and amplifies the song to a new level of appreciation that you really need to check out. 

Text Me Texas is a lovely ballad-styled country song that showcases just how well this album is recorded, mixed, and mastered. If you close your eyes, you’d swear Young and the band are in the room with you. 

We’re Gonna Find It Tonight is toe-tapping and head-bopping gold. A great tune!

Forgiveness is slow but rhythmically magical. It is, without a doubt, one of the best songs on the album. 

Lighters In The Air is an excellent song to close the album with, ensuring that you’ll listen to the album again, especially considering its modest 37-minute runtime leaves you wanting more. 

Overall, A.M. is an incredible album from start to finish and if you’re at all interested in Country Music, you’re bound to love A.M. and should have a copy in your collection. Now, if only Sony would issue A.M. on vinyl, I’d be happy. Until then, the Apple Music (Apple Digital Master) stream is stunning and has captured the performances perfectly.  

Chris Young’s A.M. is also available on CD.