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The Adicts – And It Was So! (Album Review)


The Adicts – And It Was So! (Album Review)

I think I'm a closet punk fan!

Yes, it's true, l've never identified with the punk era, but as I age I find that I’m being drawn towards punk-styled music genres and associated bands. As I reflect on my relationship with music, throughout the years, I’ve come to the realisation that I really have listened to a lot of punk music. Although, and this may be sacrilegious, I would refer to it as Rock and Roll or Alternative music. I know, I know, music lovers and musicians worldwide are rolling their eyes with that admission, but it’s true. Regardless of my own wacky relationship with punk music, I'd never heard of The Adicts, despite their decades in the business, until this last week. The album artwork for And It Was So! drew my attention, as I was browsing Apple Music. Upon hearing Picture The Scene, I was hooked.

Picture The Scene has an Alice Cooper styled entrance that I love. I'm not normally a fan of spoken word elements in songs, but this one is superb. The hook and rhythm of Picture The Scene is incredibly addictive and that guitar work throughout will get any rocker moving. What a great start to the album!

F****d Up World is a solid punk tune. Nothing to write home about, however, but perfectly suited to the album. The outro explosion is a little too lengthy, but I do like the approach they were aiming for.

Talking S**t is an excellent song. No, it's bloody brilliant! When I hear this song, I’m reminded of quite a few people who Talk S**t, even without the influence of mind-altering substances! At any rate, dear reader, you might assume I talk a lot of S**t. You wouldn’t be wrong but that’s okay as Talking S**t is hilarious and is one of my favourite songs on the album.

If You Want It reminds me of a few early Midnight Oil recordings, but this song arguably has a more upbeat rhythm. Regardless, If You Want It is a killer song and will have you toe-tapping and head-bopping in no time at all.

Gospel According To Me is a fun little song.

Gimme Something To Do is a little pedestrian and never really delivers. It's a B-side at best but is still suited to the album.

Love Sick Baby has a killer groove, I love it! It also has an underproduced feel to it that is, in my opinion, perfect for a punk record.

And It Was So is a great song.

Deja Vu follows on perfectly from And It Was So. Seriously, there is a little Deja Vu to be heard. A stellar track!

I Owe You another song! Yes, Adicts, you owe me another song. This one is horrendous and reminds me of songs that made the soundtracks of numerous bad teen flicks. Yes, I watched them in the 90s, but I no longer connect with this style of music.

Wanna Be is fantastic, although any song would be better than I Owe You.

You'll Be The Death Of Me is music gold. Undoubtedly the best song on the album and one of my ultimate favourites. I can listen to this song on repeat for hours and my kids find this song so funny that we have labelled it our family anthem. Geez, I must say You’ll Be The Death Of Me to them a little too often!

And It Was So! that from start to finish, The Adicts have released an album that I enjoy playing on repeat and one that encourages me to check out their entire back catalogue in order to see what I've been missing out on all these years. If this album is any indication, it's a lot!

And It Was So! is available on Vinyl, CD, and iTunes.

If you prefer streaming, And It Was So! is available on Apple Music and Spotify.