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SPECTRE – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Composer: Thomas Newman)


SPECTRE – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Composer: Thomas Newman)

The name’s Bond, James Bond!

Finally, I found an excuse to use perhaps the most memorable one-liner from any film franchise. No, I’m not taking a look at a James Bond film, despite my appreciation of the series. I did however want to talk about the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack for the latest Bond film, SPECTRE.

I came across the soundtrack in my local record store and having owned the Bond films, books, audiobooks, and video games, I realised that I had never once owned one of the Bond soundtracks.

I also recently noticed some of the classic 007 series soundtracks had started to be re-issued on vinyl by Universal Music. Goldmine Records has them in stock, for those interested. I’ve promised myself that I will take a listen to these classics on TIDAL, prior to hopefully liking and purchasing on vinyl, but I’m not sure when I will get around to it as my ‘to listen to’ list is extensive.

The newly released SPECTRE original soundtrack unfortunately only comes on CD, but it is such a beautiful sonic experience that I didn’t hesitate to add it to my purchase wish list. However, the cover art is incredible and really deserves to be presented on a vinyl canvas.

Unlike most other Bond soundtracks, this one lacks the vocal song, Writing’s On The Wall, by Sam Smith, that introduces the Bond film. Although there is an instrumental version on the album. This omission doesn’t bother me, but it would have been a nice addition to have the song as the final track.

That said, as a CD release, the instrumental elements already max out the storage capacity offered by the Redbook CD format. If you are interested in the Sam Smith song, you can pick that up with the instrumental version of the track, on a 7-inch vinyl, CD single, or of course via iTunes, Apple Music, or TIDAL.

While I must admit to not having seen the SPECTRE film yet, the soundtrack will certainly appeal to those of you who are interested in classical scores, with elements of traditional Bond themes thrown in for familiarity. Even if you have never seen a Bond film, you will be able to appreciate the artistry that Thomas Newman and the (uncredited) Orchestra bring to this album.

The soundtrack is atmospheric, dynamic, and emotive. At the most basic level you will feel the music and become enveloped in an 80-minute epic that fails to disappoint on a single track. I have listened to the soundtrack on both headphones and speakers and the music was so captivating that neither time did I long for an alternative listening option.

I’d strongly recommend you listen to this album via a non-lossy source, as the experience is profound. That said, if you don’t have access to the CD or TIDAL version, then the Mastered for iTunes version is available on Apple Music and the iTunes Store.